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Download the Attendee List from Blockchain 2017 to get an idea of the job titles and companies you'll meet onsite in February 2018

Attendee Profile & Event Snapshot

Download the Attendee Profile to get a better idea of who you can meet at the 2nd Blockchain & Smart Contracts conference in February 2018.

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Blockchain: From Hype to Prototype

How does a Blockchain work? What can you organise with Blockchain? Why are Blockchains apparently only used in the business world? What are the downsides of Blockchain?

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The future of Blockchain

The hype around Blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies won’t die down. We present you 8 directions Blockchain might be heading!

Innogy SE presentation on how blockchain can disrupt multiple industries

Carsten Stöcker from innogy SE presents on the 4th Industrial Revolution. Read more here.

Rabobank: From KYC to Identity

Why Blockchain Technology? Djuri Baars, Blockchain specialist at Rabobank Fintech & Innovation, explains this and shares his presentation on their blockchain projects.

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E-Book: Expert interviews on Blockchain from Telekom, European Commission, DB Systel, European Parliament

IQPC exclusivley talked to

  • Helen Köpman, Deputy Head of Unit Startups & Innovation at European Commission
  • Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament at European Parliament
  • John Calian, Vice President Blockchain Group T-Labs (Research & Innovation) at Telekom
  • Matthias Felder, Portfolio Manager Blockchain at DB Systel GmbH

about Blockchain & Smart Contracts technologies in companies.

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