Ian Hawkins

Ian has a background in helping brands and people tell their stories. He has written for television and radio, authored an acclaimed book on public speaking, and worked closely with some of the world's most high profile speakers. Ian's industry knowledge is based on travelling the world profiling businesses - from start ups and SMEs to blue chips - for The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and BBC Worldwide.

The Editor's view from PEX Europe Spring 2018: is managing people is still important in a digital world?...Full Article »
‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,’ said Arthur C Clarke, a visionary in so many ways, not least because that quotation comes from a time before ordering pizza through Alexa became a thing.  Even without full-on frauds, the world is full of chancers whose sales pitch is more impressive than the...Full Article »
Process improvement and change go hand in hand. But disruption? Disruption is a word loaded with negative connotations. For everyone who embraces the idea of digital disruption there will be hundreds  who dread it.But dread is precisely the wrong response: digital disruption isn’t the future, it’s the present, and if you think the ice isn’t...Full Article »