Emma Harris

Emma Harris has been the Operations Director for Triaster Ltd since 2001. In this capacity, she has worked closely with hundreds of professionals responsible for quality and process improvement. She has both observed the commitment that those professionals typically show and the hard work that they typically do and how often this commitment goes unrecognised within their own organisations. Emma writes regular articles on ways to turn this around and widely on BPM, quality and process improvement. 

Triaster has spent well over 20 years in the business process management space making process mapping, management and improvement, simple. Triaster offer their customers a customisable platform that helps them discover, manage and improve their processes so that they achieve core objectives such as accelerated growth, reduced operational risk or business function transformation. Triaster solves such problems for both companies for example, Microsoft, National Oilwell Varco, Balfour Beatty and HomeServe, and organisations, such as Northamptonshire Police and the University of Winchester.

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