Nigel Warren

Nigel has a passion for business simplification and performance improvement, enabled by streamlined processes and communications. Since 2007 Nigel has been a frequent speaker at PEX conferences and active contributor to PEX Network. He has held Product Marketing leadership positions at three BPM software companies - Nimbus, TIBCO and MatsSoft. He now heads OnTap365.com, an independent marketing consultancy that focusses on the digital innovation and process improvement technology sectors.

"The PEX Network is a tremendous community of process improvement professionals and the consulting and technology vendors that serve them, or would like to serve them!  I’ve worked for three such technology providers since 2007, and I’ve chaired the “Technology Stream” at PEX Week for the past two years.

From my perspective the community will thrive so long as the topics under discussion provide value to all.  And that must take into account emerging technologies and new methodologies best suited to the digital challenges that our businesses are confronted with.  I hope my input to PEX Network will further that aim."