Peter Franz

Peter Franz is the Managing Director for Business Process Management (BPM) at Accenture, responsible for the global team that helps clients translate strategy into execution using process as the critical link. Through Value-Driven BPM, Accenture helps organizations realize immediate value, deliver measureable results and establish a lasting BPM capability. With more than 28 years experience in the areas of technology and the use of process to solve business problems — the two areas where BPM is converging today— he maintains a focus on balancing theory with realistic goals and concerns, and directs high-quality, pragmatic programs that drive real value for a roster of global clients. In leading Accenture’s BPM practice, he champions thinking that achieves a customer-centered, cost-effective outcome in an increasingly information-intensive environment.

Complex market conditions combined with digitally empowered consumers present a challenging commercial environment. The answer is innovation and agility but the question is how this is achieved.Creating a Next Generation Enterprise suited to this new “normal” is about understanding and managing processes. When processes are aligned and good...Full Article »