Chris Poole

Chris Poole is a Practitioner with Milliken Performance Solutions, based in Europe, and joined Milliken in 1993 having majored in Business and Engineering. He has held positions in Industrial Engineering, Product and Process Improvement, Quality Leadership, MPS Leadership and was made Plant Leader in 1999, leading a plant which won the first JIPM TPM Excellence Award in Milliken Europe.

Since then, Chris has supported internal and external clients taking several companies to Excellence and Consistency Award level across many industry sectors including textiles, chemicals, food, brewing, metallurgy, packaging, information management, public services and telecommunications. His specialies include the MPS pillars, Loss Intelligence, People Engagement, Change Management, Leadership education, Strategic clarity and the Safety Way. Chris supports the Milliken Client Education Program as a Subject Matter Expert in several of these fields, working with Corporate Steering, Plant Leaders through to Shift Leaders and Operators on development needs.