David Bancroft-Turner

David Bancroft-Turner's background is in international banking, including living and working the Middle East and operating at a Senior Management level for much of his career.


For the last 12 years Bancroft-Turner has specialised in Leadership Development and is best known for his pioneering work in the area of organisational politics having developed the unique political intelligence ™ training programme.  He runs the Academy for political intelligence, working and speaking throughout the world.


He has also devised a new devlopment process for managers that operate in multicultural Matrix structures, including a Matrix and Complex Environments (MaCE) diagnostic tool.  His work in Leadership Development includes designing and running programmes on influence, change, leadership assessment and development centres.


As an Executive Coach, he is supportive, challenging and hugely pragmatic.


Bancroft-Turner's book on organisational politics, The Workplace Politics Pocketbook, was puslished in June 2008.