Annemarie Michaud

Annemarie Michaud is a Senior Partner with the Continuous Learning Group, Inc. (CLG), with 29 years of Executive Coaching experience in the field of Applied Behavioral Science (ABS).  She has worked with firms like Chevron, Vale, Kraft International, Elkay Manufacturing, Fluor, and Bell Canada, focusing on sustainable improvement to performance indicators such as Reliability, Safety, Cycle Time, Cost, and Quality.

CLG helps leaders and Business Process Excellence practitioners identify the High-Impact BehaviorsSM required to deploy and sustain the organization’s performance improvement outcomes, recognizing that each leader, team and employee’s behavior is a function of a unique work environment. Annemarie has focused on the design and application of ABS tools and methodologies to support clients wanting to increase Business Process Improvement Program financial contribution, and leadership involvement & ownership for Program effectiveness.

CLG’s application of Applied Behavioral Science in the work environment accelerates and sustains change as a result of performance improvement methodologies through the planned analysis and application of Behavior Change Plans. Annemarie supports leaders and Business Process Excellence practitioners as they learn how to analyze and shape behavior. Leaders at all levels can plan how best to elicit and reinforce High-Impact BehaviorsSM that will accelerate deployment and sustain the impact of performance improvement solutions.