Sebastian Fleisman

Sebastian Fleisman is Corporate Manager of Quality, Standards and Process Management at YPF. During his time at YPF Fleisman coordiated a global “Transformation Project” to create an up-to-date, optimized, efficient, flexible and integrated corporation with scalable processes, through business process management. He is dedicated to the Energy industry to promote a culture of operational excellence and foster improvements in the quality and process management function to convert YPF in a world class operator of mature fields and unconventional oil and gas.

He frequently lectures at events, universities and companies in Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz, New York, Florida, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Montevideo and Panama. He has delivered results in process improvement projects in the areas of Human Resources, Operations, Production, Procurement and Inventory, Asset Maintenance, Technology and Health, Safety and Environment, in various industries such as Energy, Banking, Technology, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and the Public Sector. Fleisman is also a two time winner of PEX Network's deployment leader of the year (honorary mention in 2010 and winner in 2001).