Jussi Kyllonen

Jussi Kyllönen works currently as the Quality Systems Manager for Eaton Corporation’s Aerospace Operations in Jackson, MS.  Throughout his career, Jussi has helped companies to learn how to work as a system, reduce complexity, and improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

Jussi’s practical problem solving methods, such as Process Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Sampling, Advanced Mathematical Methods, and Operations Research Methods, are founded in the teachings of well-known experts, such as Dr. W. Shewhart and Dr. W. Edwards Deming. 

Jussi has extensive experience in pumps, telecom, offshore, industrial textile, scientific equipment, and aerospace industries.  Since 1988 he has been in production and quality related management positions in both Europe and United States.  Jussi has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and earned an MBA in Management Systems from the Deming Scholars MBA program at Fordham University.  Jussi is a Deming Institute Certified Seminar Facilitator and a member of ASQ.

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