John Blowers

John Blowers is the Senior Manager, HR Services and Solutions for GLOBALFOUNDRIES. He has 16 years of HRIS experience in the banking, healthcare and energy industries. Prior to GLOBALFOUNDRIES, his role was with the GE Infrastructure family of businesses and included centralized, intelligent data management, “active” self-service solutions and strategic delivery of HR information to business leaders. Blowers has shared his philosophy on HR Information Strategy with leaders across General Electric and the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as at industry events and universities. Blowers has an undergraduate degree in Management from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He has twin boys, a daughter and a Doberman-shepherd mix. Blowers is a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma process discipline, an avid poker player and the author of Life on Tilt: Confessions of a Poker Dad, published May 2008.


No, Lean Six Sigma is not the new diet you saw late last night on that TV infomercial, and DMAIC is not a type of vitamin. Lean Six Sigma has been working its way into organizations for over half a century; however these difficult economic times provide another opportunity to review this process management theory’s relevancy in today’s business...Full Article »