Reg Goeke

Principal and founding partner of Market Value Solutions (MVS), Dr. Reg Goeke has consulted on marketing, competitive strategy, and business process improvements for such companies as Thrivent Financial, Dunn and Bradstreet, the Principal Financial Group, the Caterpillar Inc. Worldwide dealer network, Case New Holland, Southern Companies and other public utilities. Goeke has pioneered in the development of customer information systems for these and other companies and specializes in the systematic deployment of customer information into effective competitive strategies and business performance improvements. Before founding MVS, Goeke was on the faculty at Penn State University, where he has also taught in Smeal College’s Executive Education Programs. His most recent publications include: Value Driven Channel Strategy: Extending the Lean Approach (Quality Press 2006), Competing for Customers and Winning with Value (Quality Press 2006) and Strategic Six Sigma for Champions: Keys to Sustainable Competitive Advantage (Quality Press 2006). For more information about Goeke and MVS, visit www.MarketValueSolutions.com.

If you only ask your fan club what they think of you, then ratings will be fantastic. In this article, columnist Reg Goeke, looks at the perils of measuring customer satisfaction and why the data sometimes isn't telling you what you think it's telling you....Full Article »