Cohen, Ph.D.

William Cohen, Ph.D.

Bill Cohen was the first graduate of the PhD program that Peter Drucker co-developed at what is now the Masatoshi Ito and Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management. Graduating and becoming Drucker’s friend, he applied Drucker’s methods and rose to become an Air Force general and the author of more than 50 management books published in 23 languages. He is the President of the Institute of Leader Arts which offers a unique corporate training program based on Drucker’s methods. Cohen’s latest book is Peter Drucker on Consulting: How to Apply Drucker's Principles for Business Success. He can be reached at wcohen@stuffofheroes.com.

"I am committed to the PEX Network because it enables a common effort for ensuring that organizations focus on developing and implementing processes for continued excellence in achieving the very best, regardless of the situation of mission, resources, product, and customers."

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More than fifty years ago Peter Drucker wrote and proved that marketing and selling are not the same. Drucker may have made as much as $10,000 an hour as a consultant. Yet he did no selling or advertising of his services. He also claimed that perfect marketing would make selling unnecessary....Full Article »
One of the most important and useful competencies that I learned as a general, was how to innovate and how to implement innovation. Both are essential and this knowledge and ability helped me to become and perform as a general, and in the civilian world as a senior executive and CEO as well. I also learned that unless you can do both, innovation...Full Article »
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How many times have I heard experts that said such and such can’t be done? It must have been a million times. Most recently we have former presidential candidate, now President Trump. The experts in both parties and I don’t know how many news commentators said the same thing: It will never happen. Well, it did....Full Article »
88 results
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