Paul Beshah

Paul Beshah is a citizen of the United States, and came to America as a refugee from Ethiopia, where he was born. He is an avid student of Dr. Deming’s Management and Leadership philosophy as well as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional.

Paul is a graduate of the Young Officers’ Leadership School of the United States Marine Corps. He holds graduate level Certificates from the United States Naval War College in Strategic Planning, Logistics and Management. He started his career in technology as a software engineer. He then branched in to other areas in which he designed/built, delivered and managed solution oriented systems for businesses.

Until recently, Paul ran a technology company as president and CEO. During the ten years prior, he worked for a company where his main focus was on Business Intelligence Systems.  As an inventor, Paul holds numerous United States Patents in areas including automotive, electrical, medical, security devices and software. He has been awarded certificates by the Minnesota Inventors Congress and has been honoured by successive governors of the state of Minnesota for his inventions.

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