Emma Langman

Dr. Emma Langman is the Change Magician at Progression Partnership Ltd., a company founded by her and her husband to deliver training, research and 'co-created consultancy'  to socially useful organisations (in the public, voluntary and private sectors). Her work and methodologies have their roots in "Systems Thinking," particularly the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

Emma began her career as a civil engineer and last had a 'proper job' as the Efficiency and Performance Lead for the Highways Services division of the international consultancy, Atkins (formerly W.S.Atkins). She has a Ph.D. in Systems Thinking and recently achieved her NLP certification. 

Emma is passionate about life-long learning and increasingly furious about the inequalities in society - particularly the impact of the increasing wealth gap on individuals' health, wellbeing and life opportunities. She is the mother of two young children. In her spare time she enjoys walking the dog, playing music, singing in the church choir and writing. She believes that Joy in Life - both at work and at home - is a both a human right and managerial responsibility.

You can connect with Emma on LinkedIn.

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