Kelly Allan

Kelly L. Allan is on the Advisory Council of the Deming Institute and is also the founder and Senior Associate of Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd., (KAAL) a multi-disciplinary company with 24 Associates that has been in business since 1974.  Kelly has published articles, commentary and letters in a variety of journals, including Fast Company, Personnel Journal, Marketing News, INC. Magazine, Business Marketing Association News, The Wall Street Journal, andHarvard Business Review.  He has been featured in Fast Company, The Columbus Dispatch, Sam's Club The Source, Tanning Trends, Quality Progress, THE MASTERFUL COACHING FIELDBOOK, THE KNOWING DOING GAP, and ABOLISHING PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS.

Kelly travels nationally and internationally speaking on a variety of management topics. He has given presentations in Canada, China, Ecuador, England, Singapore, and Mexico.

 He has a Baccalaureate degree from The University of Michigan.

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