John Hunter

John Hunter combines technology with management expertise to improve the performance of organizations. He has served as an information technology program manager for the White House Military Office, the Office of Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office and the American Society for Engineering Education.

John was one of 12 people worldwide selected by the W. Edwards Deming Institute to reconfigure Dr. Deming's famous "Four Day Seminar" into the 2.5 day seminar “Out of the Crisis.” John has facilitated seminars for the Deming Institute, spoken at the annual Deming Institute conference and lectured at the Deming Scholars program at Fordam University, as well as presenting at other management conferences to show how technology can enhance management improvement efforts.  He is currently serving as a senior facilitator for the Deming Institute.

John created one of the first management resources online and his sites continue to be among the most popular management resources on the internet.  He is the founder and CEO of curiouscat.com, managing over 20 web sites on management, software development, investing, engineering, travel and other topics.

See www.johnhunter.com for more details. 

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