Ken Craddock

Ken Craddock specializes in the requisite organizational design principles of Dr. Elliott Jaques and in the quality principles and practices of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Ken was a graduate assistant to Deming, and has focused on synthesizing Deming's work on quality and process with Jaques's work on structure and leadership.

In addition to experience as an IT manager and management planning analyst, Ken has guest lectured at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business on quality, strategy, and stratified systems theory.  He has published 9 articles, made numerous conference presentations, and created the definitive bibliography on Jaques' theory.  For his graduate school thesis, Ken wrote about Jaques' insights on managerial work levels, time-span of discretion, talent pool development, leadership practices, and strategic dominance.

Ken holds an M.A. from Columbia University and an M.P.A. in management from Harvard. For Kelly Allan Associates, Ltd., Ken provides leadership development, quality implementation, and requisite organization design expertise.

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