Chris Galante

Chris Galante is Process Improvement Leader, Boeing Enterprise Lean Coach, and Employee Involvement Facilitator for CDG, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company.  In these roles he promotes and teaches Lean+, Lean principles, and has led numerous Lean classes and hands-on workshops both internal to CDG, Boeing and as an external consultant.  He has extensive experience with proven metrics and substantial process improvements resulting from application of Lean practices in a number of diverse projects and work environments from working with teams placing parts on aircraft in production to facilitating change in back office support organizations.  Mr. Galante previously held positions in education, food service, entertainment and the U.S. Marine Corps. His work with the Process Excellence group at IQPC has been as a conference presenter, working group facilitator, panelist and as a judge for the Process Excellence Awards.

Metaphors for business often call on terminology from war. We "go into battle" or work goes on "in the trenches". This year, however, PEX Network advisor Chris Galante says it’s time for more positive ways of describing our working environments. Here’s why it’s time to ditch the combat metaphors....Full Article »