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"The train that is passing by and you either jump on the train or get left behind." - Robert Verbich, Chief Financial Officer, Region Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland...Full Article »
“In the process industry and the commodities areas, I believe that rapid change and rapid results that we observe are focused on increased speed of continuous process development for improving the safety of the workers, sustainable performance and operational cost”. Ahead of OPEX Week Business Transformation Europe Summit key speaker Kai Johansen...Full Article »
In this exclusive interview Mia Leondakis, Vice President, Business Transformation...Full Article »
Over the last decade we have witnessed dramatic technological change impacting business on all levels. The challenge for every financial institution is keeping a pace of that change and selecting the right technologies to improve their operational effectiveness. The level and complexity of the tools now available require employees to take on...Full Article »
OpusWorks® has been serving the process excellence industry for 25 years. So why do they sponsor the OPEX Exchange? Ahead of the OPEX Exchange taking place in April 2017, Andrea Charles, Senior Editor for the PEX Network, spoke to the OpusWorks® President Rob Stewart, to find out more about how and why the Exchange model continues to work for...Full Article »
Operational excellence professionals are taking centre stage and bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Ahead of OPEX Week: Business Transformation Europe Summit 2017, 17 key speakers share their advice for supporting business strategy from an operational excellence perspective. Download now and read the 17 Executive Tips for...Full Article »
"You cannot design a race car by squeezing inefficiencies out of a horse." As part of the On the Road with PEX Network series, José Pires, Vice President and Director of Business Excellence, Black & Veatch speaks to Andrea Charles, Senior Editor at the PEX Network about how you move from process excellence to process innovation....Full Article »
How would the PEX Network describe the world's largest process improvement and operational excellence event? Don't ask us we asked you....Full Article »
The PEX Network is world's largest community of process improvement and operational excellence professionals. Find out how we help you reach 130,000 potential clients from business, process and I.T.  Bringing process, people and technology together - don't delay find out more today - email us at sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk....Full Article »
Join the largest global community for process professionals, business leaders and executives who want to improve their businesses through process and operational excellence....Full Article »
26 results
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