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There are plenty of examples of ‘what not to do’. Shouldn’t this playbook be focusing on success? However the study of failure can truly enable us to understand how to avoid it. Read the full business transformation failure playbook to find out what can jeopardise your business transformation and what you can do differently to make it a success....Full Article »
The vision of the 13th Annual OPEX Week Australia 2017 is to connect transformation executives, facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas, drive solutions-based discussion, and help develop partnerships, all to drive the OpEx blueprint forward. We understand every organisation is different. That is why ahead of OpEx Week 2017, the PEX Network has...Full Article »
Sébastien Meunier, Senior Manager, Chappuis Halder & Co. discusses the threat digital disruption poses for incumbents, and how the industry is moving towards increasing personalization, decentralization and better risk management. Meunier also shares his insights 4 ways blockchain is transforming business....Full Article »
In this edition of the Business Architecture Superhero Series, we speak to 3 business architects about how business architecture is bridging the gap between IT and business operations to build enterprise-wide programs and drive significant value....Full Article »
Paul Snead, Business Architect at ING shares his insights with Andrea Charles, Senior Editor, PEX Network on how business architecture is creating an "enterprise service view" and bridging the gap between strategy and operational excellence. Snead also reveals what makes a successful business architecture team....Full Article »
Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive, IBM Watson has over thirty years experience in P...Full Article »
Spiros Margaris is an internationally renowned venture capitalist and adviser to FinTech and InsurTech companies and financial institutions, and globally ranked as a No. 1 FinTech...Full Article »
We are entering a time of rapid transformation and leveraging operational excellence effectively will be paramount for success. Every organization has processes, but why is driving and sustaining an operational excellence initiative such a complex mission? In this report, we take a closer look at the current state of play for operational...Full Article »
Julie Harbert, Senior Vice President of GSB Transformation, Philips speaks to Andrea Charles from the PEX Network about engaging staff, gaining their support for transformation and the future of business leadership....Full Article »
"The train that is passing by and you either jump on the train or get left behind." - Robert Verbich, Chief Financial Officer, Region Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland...Full Article »
35 results
of 4