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Practically Lean is a new book published this week giving small and medium enterprises a useful boost in being able to ride out the current economic storm. This new illustrated guide, written by Lean practitioner Nigel Barnes, explains the core principles behind lean management and guides the reader along logical, jargon-free steps so they can...Full Article »
By Ehap H. Sabri, Ph.D. and Salim N. Shaikh Published January 2010 by J. Ross Publishing One of the biggest challenges for companies in today’s competitive environment is to get products to customers when and where they need it, exactly the way they want it, with a competitive price and in a cost effective manner. Managing the value chain is...Full Article »
By R. Eric ReidenbachPublished by Productivity Press in 2009Unique in its approach, this book focuses on the voice of the market (VOM) instead of the much more limiting voice of the customer (VOC). While the VOC typically refers to what the organization’s customers say, feel, or need, the voice of the market focuses not only on the needs of its...Full Article »
Much like a sports playbook, The Blended Learning Playbook was developed as a practical guide toward a successful outcome—in this case, the design and implementation of a Blended Learning model for Lean Six Sigma training. In this playbook, you will find all the information you need to make the business case for Blended Learning, as well as...Full Article »
By Philip Kotler, Nancy R. LeePublished Jun 14, 2009 by Wharton School PublishingIn this book, legendary marketing expert Philip Kotler and social marketing innovator Nancy Lee consider poverty from a radically different and powerfully new viewpoint: that of the marketer. Kotler and Lee assess each proposed path to poverty reduction, from...Full Article »
By Brett Wills Published by Productivity Press in 2009 Developed by a plant manager who experienced first-hand the challenges to going green in a business environment, Green Intentions provides organizations with a simple, straightforward, and practical approach to green—the Green Value Stream (GVS) process—that is as mindful as it is profitable...Full Article »
By Cindy Jimmerson and Amy Jimmerson Published by Productivy Press in 2009 In no industry is the concept of quality more essential than it is in healthcare, which is why the lean quality principles learned through the example of the Toyota Production System are so applicable. Two fundamental principles of Toyota’s push for excellence are...Full Article »
By George Koenigsaecker Published by Productivity Press in 2009 At The Danaher Corporation, George Koenigsaecker led the lean transformations of both the automotive and tool groups. He also led The Hon Company’s successful lean conversion, which doubled productivity and tripled revenues, leading Industry Week to recognize HON on their list of...Full Article »
By George Halvorson Published by Productivity Press in 2009 Health care reform is within our reach. According to George Halvorson, CEO of the nation's largest private health care plan, only by improving the intent, quality, and reach of services will we achieve a health system that is economically feasible into the future. This year,...Full Article »
By Jim Martin Published by Productivity Press in 2009 As a pioneer in Lean improvement methods, Jim Martin was among the first to suggest that truly successful Lean initiatives are those applied across every facet of an organization, not just on the shop floor. Building on this concept, Martin demonstrates that one of the most effective ways to...Full Article »
37 results
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