Manoj Patel

Manoj is a dedicated professional with a background of working with businesses large and small, including many blue chip clients, helping them implement large scale Enterprise solutions to improve and streamline their businesses.

His team is made up of senior business consultants that will deliver real benefit to any business seeking to improve, change or replace their enterprise system or wish to take their business to the next level using Lean Six Sigma techniques.

Manoj works with individuals and businesses that wish to excel and achieve Lean Six Sigma Certification, having developed a full training program from Yellow belt through to Black Belt Master including full UK accredited certification, all delivered on-line or on-site.

Providers of online LEAN Six Sigma training leading to Black Belt Master certification: http://www.beyondlean6sigma.com/

I am continuing my team building discussions with a client and explained that teamwork is what makes a team work effectively together as a unit. It also helps team members feel happy, productive and fulfilled as individuals. As the team’s leader, encouraging teamwork is one of the most important things you can do to help accomplish the goals of...Full Article »
I’ve been asked by many of my clients: "What’s the best way to pull a successful change team together?" Now, there are many views on this out there but I like to keep it simple! As Bruce Lee once said: "simplicity is genius".Firstly, you need to look at the type of person you want to entrust with improving your organization – Attitude is...Full Article »
Many of my clients and colleagues are forever asking the question: "How do we assure sustainability for a Lean Six Sigma project?" This is by far the most difficult part to achieve and it is all about the people.Based on my personal scars and experience, any improvement activity is 20% about the tools and 80% about the people and it is people that...Full Article »
One of the clients I’ve been coaching recently asked me: "How do you seem to know how certain people will behave and react to certain things before they even happen?" "There is no magic here, we aren’t talking about the so called ‘soft skills’," I replied. This is a science, rather than an art form, as some people seem to...Full Article »
Much has been written about Lean Six Sigma. Practical information on how to implement Lean Six Sigma, especially in a small business is hard to come by. Tapping into the expertise of those who have walked this path is a great way to discover the secrets and pitfalls, mistakes to avoid when considering Lean Six Sigma for your business/...Full Article »
In the 1980s, Motorola made waves in the business world with the development of its process improvement strategy Six Sigma. Today, Lean Six Sigma is a widely-upheld methodology and tool used to reduce variation in a business process by using a statistical process control to measure variance and standard deviation. More and more...Full Article »