Dan Morris

Dan is the coauthor of five books on business process transformation, a columnist for PEX, and the author of numerous white papers on a variety of Business Transformation and Digital Transformation topics.  He has spoken internationally at over 40 conferences and he serves on the International Board of Directors for the Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP).  Dan is the author of the ADDI BPM methodology and is a leader in melding Business Architecture, Process Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture into a single integrated approach to business transformation.

Dan is also the co-author of the ABPMP International BPM Practitioner’s certification tests and the Business Architect Association certification test.  He also hosts a monthly webinar series for ABPMP and he has led formal training sessions for several different organizations.

Dan is a Managing Principal at Wendan Consulting.  He has also served as North American Practice Director for Business Transformation at three leading international consulting firms, and as an Executive Consultant with IBM Global Services.   Through these positions, he has worked in multiple industries and has been responsible for the successful delivery of numerous BPM based business transformations and the creation of multiple BPM Centers of Excellence.

Dan’s new book, The Business Transformation Field Guide: Hints for Delivering Successful Solutions will be released on Amazon in September 2016.

"I have been a columnist with PEX for five years and have spoken at PEX conferences and hosted workshops. I am looking forward to taking this next step in my relationship with PEX and I am proud to serve on the Global Advisory Board."

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Before I share my thoughts on the future of BPM over the next few years, I would like to let everyone know about the PEX OPEX conference that was just held in Orlando, Florida.  First of all, it was probably one of the best PEX conferences that I have attended.  It was also crowded – lots of people, great networking, and great sessions....Full Article »
I continually run into companies that are at both ends of the digital and business transformation spectrums.  Many are really just getting started and others are well along the business or digital transformation roads.  All of these companies have at least one thing in common – everyone is uncertain of the future and the investments that...Full Article »
Digital Transformation is more than adding a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) of tools, or putting in an ERP or even putting out an app on social media.  It is also more than a new website or even moving to leverage cloud computing or advanced analytics. All of these things are part of it, but they are not Digital Transformation. They...Full Article »
There is a revolution currently taking place in business, writes columnist Dan Morris. What does this mean for you and the future of business transformation? Business Architects working with Business Process Architects and Enterprise Architects have an unprecedented opportunity to actually transform companies and deliver a bold vision of...Full Article »
I have been looking at why BPM/BPMS projects fail and what can be done about it for some time.  Over my years in big consulting I had to rescue more than a couple of projects – both for the companies I worked for and for clients.  Increasing the probability of success has been a quest of mine for a lot of years.  All of the things...Full Article »
Reestablishing BPM and Six Sigma – the ideas that started it allDo you remember W. Edwards Deming?  Do you remember Michael Hammer?BPM has been around for the past 20 years and it has evolved considerably.  The same is true for the basic concepts of statistical analysis based continuous improvement.  But has this evolution been good...Full Article »
A great many companies suffer from stalled BPM – they are stalled on narrow improvements and are not progressing to transformation or farther still, to strategic alignment and execution. Is yours one of them?...Full Article »
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Companies have focused on efficiency for over 15 years now. But are they making the processes effective? For this column, let’s consider efficiency to be doing work as quickly as possible with a low error rate. Then let’s consider effectiveness as eliminating all work that is not really necessary – doing the right things, at the right time, and...Full Article »
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Are you ready for the time when your business rules walk out the door? You could be at risk of losing critical business capabilities and you might not find out until it's too late. Rules are everywhere in your company – but most are unobtrusive and people don’t even know they’re there. Rules determine when and how...Full Article »
Simulation – can you really do without it? Today the BPM community is somewhat split about simulation vs rapid iteration. In the interest of full disclosure, for years I was a proponent of rapid iteration. I have now however, been somewhat enlightened by iBPM and the role that simulation can play in shortening the overall cycle of...Full Article »
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