Kathleen Newberg

In a few short years, Kathleen has become an inspiration for change as the Lean Leader for the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (the Department). Known for her constant drive, Kathleen earned her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from BMGI, while designing strategy, systems, processes and guidelines related to Lean that directly impact the Department’s on-going operations.

Kathleen brings a unique set of skills and experience to State government which she is using to help the Department make truly transformative changes in the way it operates. She has developed and facilitates trainings for the successful adoption of innovative thinking through the use of Lean tools and methods.

Prior to working for the Department, Kathleen worked across industries as a District Manager, Branch Manager and Account Supervisor, where she provided strategic consulting services and cultivated relationships with a wide-variety of industry leaders.

Kathleen possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Grand View University, and continues to develop her skills through applied training in a variety of courses such as Innovation Tools and Techniques, Driving Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness through Control and Performance Evaluation, Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Keeping Others Accountable.

As state Medicaid programs expand to cover more people, it is more important than ever for them to take a close look at their work processes and apply "Lean" principles. Lean is a way of thinking that challenges the status quo, defines value from the customers’ perspective, removes waste from processes and encourages people to seek...Full Article »