Sam Miranda

Sam Miranda is a part-time PEX contributor, and is a senior editor at Right Casino Media blogging on the gaming industry.

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In an embarrassing administrative and compliance gaffe, TV company Turner Broadcasting and gambling company Coral screened a gambling advert on two children’s channels....Full Article »
Canada's flagship beauty pageant was in disarray this week after a typo in the tabulation process crowned the wrong winner....Full Article »
In order to keep up with rivals Apple and Samsung in world of touch screen devices, Microsoft released Windows 8 in October 2012 - the nervous system of its new batch of Surface tablets and smartphones. But things haven't gone quite to plan......Full Article »
As shifting demographics and healthcare reforms put added pressure on hospitals, many are looking to improve processes to help them cope. But dealing with it is not about cost cutting. Here’s how Moffitt Cancer Center responded to a looming bed shortage by putting the patient first....Full Article »
PEX contributor Sam Miranda evaluates the claim of an American manufacturing renaissance, arguing that political posturing obscures proper investigation....Full Article »
Suffolk County may be one of the most affluent areas of New York's Long Island, but an accidental default on interest payments highlighted the precarious state of its coffers....Full Article »
He’s held leadership positions at Syco, John Menzies and the Trinity Mirror Group. He counts Rupert Murdoch, Simon Cowell, and phone-hacking villains Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks as former colleagues. Sam Miranda reports as Ellis Watson ruffles feathers at Process Excellence Week Europe....Full Article »
Quality assurance, control and management are key pillars of business stability and success. Failure to adhere to these principles can lead to cataclysmic and indeed tragic consequences, as these five events reveal....Full Article »
Here's what happens when one news anchor replaces process with profanity......Full Article »
Following last week's absurdities in the media reporting of Margaret Thatcher's death, it's a return to a more textbook process mishap....Full Article »
25 results
of 3