Daniel Senter
Dan Senter is Business Systems Solutions Manger for the UK Finance and Shared Services business at National Grid, international electricity and gas company based in the UK and north eastern US.  Dan has worked in process excellence, business intelligence, change management and business transformation for the last 14 years, with experience working across a number of projects driving improvements in data management, business transformation and the utilisation of automation and technology solutions. 
With a background in engineering prior to National Grid Dan was Head of Business Intelligence for Balfour Beatty Services amongst other roles there in Operations and Business Improvement and previous to this worked in Operational Excellence at Tata Steel.
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I recently was reminded of great advice offered over 70 years ago, but still relevant today:"To do our work, we all have to read a mass of papers. Nearly all of them are far too long. This wastes time, while energy has to be spent in looking for the essential points."Any idea where it’s from? You can read the original memo here.The memo was issued...Full Article »
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Earlier in the year I was fortunate to speak at the Business Performance Excellence Summit in Las Vegas speaking about one of my passions ‘Business Intelligence’. PEX Network hold many similar conferences across the world and help to bring businesses and like minded professionals together who are keen to find new ways to...Full Article »
Following a recent Business Analytics Summit I attended and connecting with a number of the delegates and businesses at the event I came away feeling inspired, energised and more focused.We are truly in a world of opportunity!!!Opportunity to help ourselves, to help our businesses and to help our environments...We are really fortunate living in...Full Article »
We find ourselves with the luxury of being able to track, record and store ever more information but does that mean we should, asks columnist Dan Senter. Maybe it’s time we focus not just on the data and the technologies, but also on the human interactions needed to help engage and support their understanding....Full Article »
The placebo effect has been proven to demonstrate both physical and physiological positive effects in medicine. But could there be a placebo effect in the world of business performance management?...Full Article »
In Business Intelligence finding followers is a fundamental element to the success of the project especially when you are looking to make a step change in the way the business manages processes and consumes information. Here's why that's a lot like a man dancing solo....Full Article »
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