Craig Reid

Craig Reid is known as “The Process Ninja”. He is a passionate advocate of business process management. His unique approach to business process improvement rapidly achieves business benefits by creating alignment between customers, strategy, processes and technology.

Recognised as a leader in his field, Craig’s work has been featured on the BNet, Telstra Enterprise & Government and Flyingsolo.com.au websites as well as in the Sun-Herald newspaper. Craig may be contacted on:

Mobile: +61 400731029



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Global process improvement expert Craig Reid summarizes the key issues, the “hot spots” that organizations face today and how they can start to focus their efforts to become truly customer- centric. There are a multitude of handbooks explaining methodologies, tools and techniques on how to implement process improvement – but this is a book about...Full Article »
I recently had a run of bad luck. Not only did I lose my iPod, I dropped my digital camera and broke the lense. Luckily I'm with AAMI Insurance, and luckily I chose to take out their personal valuables cover. This allowed me to claim both items on my insurance. What followed is a tale of process that will astound you! I...Full Article »
I was lucky enough to attend the Sydney BP Trends Group run by Johan Nelis a few years ago. The meeting was all about what SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is and how it works with BPM. Having had no previous knowledge or involvement with SOA I was pretty keen to understand it. Not being a textbook kind of guy I am always looking...Full Article »
With every piece of new work or indeed any new experience we undertake in our lives we go through a process of learning. We may watch the task, repeat the task, read about the task - there are many different ways of learning how to do something and a thousand scholarly scientific textbooks that will tell you all about it. But why is...Full Article »
With so many different software products available today it's often a hard ask to fully explain the benefits of a particular piece of software. But this is where a BPMS (business process management system) is truely unique. Whilst many pieces of software try to package themselves up to service a particular need - an ERP for example...Full Article »
There are so many ways to gather information these days that it's easy for us to get lost in the detail. When it comes to looking at and understanding processes we have the same challenge - how to wade through that sea of information and data to find the truth. The short answer is that you will never understand everything and...Full Article »
Improvements to customer onboarding are all the rage these days. Why so? Probably because most organizations do it so badly. Here are five common things companies often get wrong....Full Article »
Documenting business requirements is one of those pieces of work that sends a cold shiver down my spine, particularly when preceded by the word "detailed". Some of the worst work on the worst projects I've ever seen has been achieved primarily due to the laser focus on creating phone book sized documents of "detailed business...Full Article »
What level of improvement should you expect from a process improvement? Craig Reid weighs in....Full Article »
In every process we have customer interaction points. How well we manage these "moments of truth" with our customers influences their levels of loyalty towards the firm. Here's what you can learn from a camel and a straw....Full Article »
28 results
of 3