Adi Gaskell

Adi Gaskell is communities engagement manager for PEX Network and a regular contributor to Social Business News, Technorati and Professional Manager magazine. He  also manages PEX Network’s LinkedIn Group  of over 10,000+ members.

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Forrester believe that mobile computing and social media are two technologies that will fundamentally change how we operate. They will change how employees do their jobs, and they will change how customers interact with us. As such they are technologies that can’t be ignored if we’re going to ensure that our processes are as good as...Full Article »
Lean supervisors are often the key players in the process improvement machinery. They sit on the border between management and the coal face. Here are five key skills required by lean supervisors if they’re to excel in the role....Full Article »
Is a lack of understanding of process mangaement hindering executive buy in for BPM? A new report by Cap Gemini has underlined the perceived importance of BPM, revealing 82% of C-level managers believe BPM to be crucial to their organisations performance- if they understand what BPM is all about....Full Article »
New research suggests that if we are to get the most from our knowledge workers we need to get them collaborating on how they think rather than just on what they’re thinking about, writes Adi Gaskell. Here's why....Full Article »
The manufacturing operations at sportswear company Nike have been under frequent scrutiny for decades after allegations that it utilised sweatshops to manufacture its products in the 1970's. This week their operations have been in the news for an altogether more positive reason -the tremendous results the company has seen from an adoption of...Full Article »
Achieving continuous improvement in a process is easy when you’re dealing with inanimate objects. If you spend less money or stop wasting raw material an object won’t get upset or complain of hurt feelings. Yet it can be a different matter when it comes to our fellow employee....Full Article »
Big Data is allowing managers to observe and describe our organisations and their operating environments in finer detail. So how can process professionals use the flood of data now available to help their businesses improve? Time to ask new questions, solve old problems and innovate in intriguing ways, writes Adi Gaskell....Full Article »
American conglomerate Honeywell has had a difficult time since their takeover by GE was quashed in 2001 by the European Union. British magazine, The Economist reports on the resurgence at the company, due in large part to their strong adoption of a culture of continuous improvement....Full Article »
ASQ's Influential Voices blog asks whether process professionals are happy at work. PEX Network's Adi Gaskell argues that process professionals should be the happiest people in any workforce. The reason for this belief is simple – the progress principle....Full Article »
New research into the size of the business process management (BPM) market reveals the growing reach of process improvement is being driven by new cloud based services....Full Article »
11 results
of 2