John S.

John S. Hamalian

John S. Hamalian has over 20 years of experience at General Motors and Dell, specializing in Lean Management, Business Improvement, Strategy and Organizational Development. With assignments based in the USA, China, Korea, India and Singapore, culminating in 2 Asia-Pacific Regional Director positions, John has thrived in global and culturally-diverse environments. He is an adjunct professor at various universities; a published writer on Lean, Strategy and Asian culture; and an active speaker at Business Excellence conferences, global corporations and professional institutions.

John is now the owner of Sustainable Organisational Excellence, providing consulting, facilitation and training to help clients across Asia improve their performance and increase value. He holds an MBA from Fordham University in New York and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Kettering University in Michigan. An avid explorer, John has visited a total of 45 countries, including the entire Far East of Asia, and speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese. He is an active supporter of several NGOs, including serving as Chairman of the Audit Committee.

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