Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor leads TIBCO's event processing and in-memory computing marketing and co-manages the website SuccessfulWorkplace.com with his wife, Jeanne. They live in Southern California and can be found on twitter @successfulwork.

Chris flew for the US Navy before finding a home in technology and software, first in software development with Perot Systems. His career has taken him from code to business strategy and then process with Accenture, ILOG (now IBM) and Nimbus Partners (now TIBCO). As VP Consulting Americas at Nimbus - a TIBCO Company, he was responsible for making Nimbus Control the enterprise standard for meaningful business process management across their largest customers around the world.  Focusing on compliance and process frameworks to make governance, deployment and end-user adoption the mantra at Nestlé, Northrop Grumman and many others made him a leading voice in the methods and applications for unlocking the full value of BPM. He now uses that knowledge to connect the dots between BPM and myriad of technologies that support it.
An avid outdoorsman, Chris is passionate about innovation and disruption and speaks frequently about the intersection of technology and business.
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