Scott Atkinson

Scott Atkinson is Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Manager & Trading Development Manager at Poundland Retail Ltd. As part of the Senior Management team he is responsible for Supply Chain, and Trading development and Improvement.

Scott has worked in Supply Chain for approximately 15 years and has spent over a third of that time involved directly with retail business, having held various positions from Material Planner, Purchasing Supervisor, Materials Buyer, Scheduling Manager, and Supply Chain Manager. Prior to joining Poundland he worked in the following positions: Interim Planning and Inventory Manager for Cert Octavian, UK & EMEA Supply Chain Operations Manager at Starbucks Coffee Company, and responsible for Global Scheduling in the Hand Dish division of Procter & Gamble.

Many companies fail to identify - let alone address - the hidden costs associated with providing their customer with the products they want, says Scott Atkinson, Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Manager & Trading Development Manager, at one of the UK's leading discount retailers. In this article, Atkinson looks at how you determine the...Full Article »