John Toussaint

John Toussaint M.D. is the CEO emeritus of ThedaCare and the CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. The Center’s mission  is to create a healthcare market place that rewards value.We are accomplishing this by working with leaders in the provider, employer, insurer, and  government communities to create transparency of healthcare performance, redesigned care which is measurably less wasteful with fewer errors, and payment systems that reward patient value creation. Dr. Toussaint served as president and Chief Executive Officer of ThedaCare Inc. from March 2000 until April 2008.During his tenure at ThedaCare, he introduced the ThedaCare Improvement System which is the Toyota production system applied to healthcare and is also known as lean. The continuous improvement journey at ThedaCare has led to such results as zero medication reconciliation errors for more than three years in a row (Health Affairs Sept 2009) in addition to dramatically improved staff productivity and satisfaction. Millions of dollars of waste reduction have resulted in ThedaCare consistently being one of the lowest priced health care organizations in Wisconsin (www.wisconsinhealthreports.org) at the same time more than doubling operating income over 5 years.

Dr. Toussaint is an internist and founding chairman of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality a quality and cost reporting initiative that published the first physician quality report in 2003. He was also the founding chairman of the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) which has built an administrative claims data base that includes over half of Wisconsin residents and is continuing to grow. He has served on the Institute of Medicine’s Pay for Performance for Physicians subcommittee and Governor Doyle’s eHealth board. He presently serves on the Wisconsin Payment Reform Initiative advisory board, the Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform advisory board and is a board member and chair of the WHIO payment reform committee for Wisconsin.

Presently Dr. Toussaint is the leader of the Healthcare Value Leaders Network (www.healthcarevalueleaders.org).  A partnership between the Lean Enterprise Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts and the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value. This partnership is helping to facilitate collaborative learning between organizations committed to transforming themselves using the lean methodology. Presently there are 27 members in the network.  

Deep within every doctor, a scientist lurks, says Dr. John Toussaint, Managing Director of healthcare organization Thedacare, and tapping into that inner scientist is one of the keys to getting physicians actively engaged in improvement. In this article, Dr. Toussaint looks at what it takes to get physicians on board....Full Article »