Phil Brown

Phil Brown is Business Excellence Manager at Pattonair Derby Ltd, with over twenty years experience in a variety of roles focused on Quality, Business Improvement and Business Excellence.

Brown has worked across virtually all types of business units including Purchasing, Design & Development, Manufacturing, Works Management, Maintenance Management, Quality Management/Business Improvement and Business Excellence. He has worked in Nuclear Fuels, Vehicles (Tail lift design & development, High Security Vehicles, high specification small street/precinct cleaning machines), Design Engineering and Construction (major projects including airports, hospitals, schools and laboratories).

He was an IRCA Lead Auditor for over 10 years and has been an EFQM Assessor (at both UK and regional level), for over 15 years. He has both led and been a member of many teams over the years that have assessed businesses across varied sectors. This includes banks, local government, several manufacturing organisations, a prison, a royal society and Construction. He has also guest lectured at several Universities and many external venues on all aspects of change management.

Prior to his career in Quality and Business Excellence, Brown served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) for 12 years.

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