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Thought provoking, challenging and often outspoken, Ian Gotts questions the status quo. It is not to prove a point, but to incite action. His unique way of thinking about business and presenting them often uncovers insightful, simple and implementable solutions.

Founder & CEO: Elements.cloud


Process Knowledge in the cloud

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This in an excerpt from my recent free ebook "Analysis, Automation and Adoption for #AwesomeAdmins"(44 pages of valuable content - not 6 pages of marketing fluff). It is written with Salesforce implementations in mind, but it is equally applicable to any other systems implementation; MSDynamics, SAP, Workday, Oracle etc or in fact any change...Full Article »
The recent DDos attach on DNS outage took down sites including Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Etsy, Github, and Spotify. Dyn said on Friday that it suffered a DDoS attack, or a distributed denial of service. That basically means hackers are overwhelming Dyn's servers with useless data and repeated load requests, preventing useful data....Full Article »
Every major organization has some form of customer call center. You may have renamed yours “contact center.” They are manned by staff that are trained, tooled-up with technology and incentivized to support customers. The center is critical because it drives long term sales and protects repeat revenue. It may even be considered a “profit center.”...Full Article »
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Ahead of the Business Performance Excellence USA conference taking place from September 26 -28, 2016, PEX Network columnist Ian Gotts, takes a closer look at rise of Operational Excellence in Silicon Valley and what's next for Operational Excellence 2.0. I spent 15 years building Nimbus, a process mapping company, to a reasonable size in the...Full Article »
“We wanted flying cars and got 140 character tweets”When people predict the future they always look at the technology and try and guess what it will look like.  But if we are looking at the future of Operational Excellence we need to look at what companies will be like – their business models, their resourcing approach, their customer base....Full Article »
It is hard to think of a larger change management “project” than Brexit when you look at the number of people impacted, the degree or change and the worldwide visibility.  I am not sure I’d want to be leading the project, and neither would anyone else based on the speed of resignations in the UK Government and Opposition.  But here are...Full Article »
So is this “digital revolution” even a thing? Or is it just another cynical concept promoted by the consulting firms and software companies to sell more of their stuff?The more you look at what is happening in industry after industry and company after company, I believe that only now are we are seeing the true “Digital Revolution”.  And the...Full Article »
Which businesses are being impacted by the rise of cloud, social, mobile and big data? "That's easy," writes Ian Gotts, "ALL OF THEM".  This is the first of his new column series on driving operational excellence in digital age. Here's what it means for you.I can hear you say “Not another column on Digital _________”  (fill in...Full Article »
British tech entrepreneur Ian Gotts on what he thinks makes Silicon Valley so successful I spent 15 years building Nimbus, a process mapping company, to a reasonable size in the UK and had a very successful exit. I now live in San Francisco where I have become an avid student of “the Silicon Valley way”.  Four years after the exit, I’ve got...Full Article »
New roles like the "Chief Customer Officer" and "Chief Digital Officer," are emerging as companies invest in aligning processes, technology and communications to better serve the customer. But it is all the hoopla about customer experience just a fad? Columnist Ian Gottts interviews, Kia Puhm, VP of Customer Experience at marketing automation...Full Article »
34 results
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