Hisham Sabry

Hisham Sabry is one of the few experts in the Middle East in the field of Lean and Six Sigma. With almost 8 years in the field of quality and process improvement, Sabry has been responsible for deploying Six Sigma and quality programs in many organizations in Egypt and worldwide, both through full time jobs and part time consultancy jobs. He began his career at LG Electronics as a Six Sigma Black Belt, moved to Orange Business Services, France Telecom to work as a quality manager for EEMEA, then as a Lean Six Sigma project manager. During this period he also participated in migrating Orange Business Service to the ISO 20K model.

After having worked as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt at HSBC Egypt, where he led the Six Sigma team and managed all the process improvement projects around the bank, Sabry now works as a process improvement senior manager at Barclays Bank. He is also the CEO of Skills House Company, one of the largest management and training consultancy firms in the Middle East. Sabry has also published many books which include "Simplified Six Sigma," "Dominos Management Lessons," and "Hogwarts School of Business Craft and Wizardry."


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