John W. Moran &
Grace L. Duffy

John W. Moran & Grace L. Duffy

Grace L. Duffy, CMQ/OE, CQA, CQIA, CSSGB, CLSSMBB provides services in organizational and process improvement, leadership, quality, customer service and teamwork. Her clients include government, health care, public health, education, manufacturing, services and not-for-profit organizations. Duffy holds a master’s in business administration from Georgia State University. She is an ASQ Fellow and past vice president of ASQ. Duffy can be reached at grace683@embarqmail.com.

John W. Moran, MBA, Ph.D., CMC, CMQ/OE, CQIA, is senior quality advisor to the Public Health Foundation. He has over 30 years of quality improvement expertise in developing tools and training programs, implementing and evaluating QI programs, and writing articles and books on QI methods. Dr. Moran is a retired senior vice president of information systems, administrative and diagnostic services at New England Baptist Hospital. He was previously chief operating officer of Changing Healthcare, Inc. Dr. Moran was employed for 21 years by Polaroid where he held various senior management positions. His last position was director of worldwide quality and systems. jmoran@phf.org.

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