Karan Nikhanj

Karan Nikhanj is a client deployment manager at Xerox Canada Ltd. His responsibilities as a Black Belt include deployment strategy for Lean Six Sigma in a customer environment, as well as leading project teams through the use of the industry proven tools and methodologies inherent in Lean Six Sigma. This supports Xerox’s goal to become a customer-focused company, delivering consistent growth and becoming faster and flexible to respond to changes in market conditions while delivering unprecedented customer value add.


Nikhanj joined Xerox in September of 1998 in Vancouver. His primary responsibilities have been business development roles for Xerox Global Services in Western Canada. He became a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt candidate in January 2005 and is a member of the Xerox Corporation Lean Six Sigma Communication Council.


Nikhanj earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Saskatchewan in 1989. His previous work experience is in international trade, business and corporate sales.

Nikhanj takes keen interest in his community as President of the Community League. He is also an avid private pilot, enjoys physical fitness and the outdoors.  He resides in Edmonton with his wife, Pam and two boys, Anish and Aman.

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