Len Javinett

Len Javinett joined CIGNA HealthCare in January 2001 to run its “Rapid Solutions Center,” CIGNA’s location and method for designing and facilitating large scale, cross-functional meetings for developing business strategies and for solving problems. Early in 2003, Javinett helped launch CIGNA's Lean Six Sigma initiative. He is now a certified Master Black Belt and the lead for that group, responsible for driving and supporting Lean Six Sigma and Total Quality across the corporation.


Prior to joining CIGNA, Javinett was director of Continuous Improvement at Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp (UTC). He was responsible for developing and then managing the process by which all white collar departments (engineering, finance, customer support, sales, etc.) improved cycle time and quality, using a combination of statistical and Lean tools. This approach, called ACE in the Office (Achieving Competitive Excellence), became the model for all divisions of UTC and has been credited for saving the corporation millions of dollars and for significantly boosting its competitiveness.

Javinett received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Tufts University and a Masters in Management from Rensellaer in Hartford.

When I left my continuous improvement job at United Technologies to join CIGNA nearly 10 years ago to run the Rapid Solutions Center, I couldn’t help but notice that the company did not have any kind of corporate-wide quality system. Quality, primarily in the form of audit/inspection teams, existed formally, by name, only in some parts of...Full Article »