Mary Federico

Mary Federico is an independent NYC-based consultant who specializes in helping organizations get better results from their Process Excellence initiatives through the use of organizational behavior principles and techniques. She has taught influence skills to hundreds of Belts across the globe and helped many initiative leaders with change management and communications challenges. Federico is the author of two Rath & Strong Pocket Guides and numerous articles. She can be reached at mary.federico@obstrategies.com and on LinkedIn.

Trying to improve your organization but bumping up against a brick wall? Got a few snipers trying to derail all your hard work? It might be all in your head, argues Mary Federico, an expert in organizational behaviour. We tend to blame or resent stakeholders when we believe they are resisting, she writes, but we should start by examining our own...Full Article »
If you’re leading a process improvement project, chances are you’ll need to communicate with a senior executive about some aspect of your work. Whether it’s a presentation to a group of leaders or a one-on-one meeting, how do you get executives to listen to you? You’ll have a better chance of success if you:...Full Article »