Bopdeb Mondal

Bopdeb Mondal has an overall experience of close to 12 years in manufacturing and software and has led many Quality and Business Excellence initiatives. He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and currently employed with Tata Consultancy Services as an IT process transformation consultant. Mondal resides in Pune, India, and can be reached at bopdeb.mondal@tcs.com.

Over the years we have seen numerous applications of Statistical Process Control which have resulted in a great deal of benefits to organizations looking to improve their processes. These benefits range from being able to detect potential failures in a current process to being able to predict and prevent such failures in similar processes in the...Full Article »
It is not very common to see an organization proactively analyzing its current ERP systems in the normal course of business. Sometimes it so happens that due to some error in the initial business blue print, the organization struggles later and lives with a lot of system wastes without knowing it. Later it becomes a part of everyone’s life...Full Article »