Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is the Managing Director and lead consultant for i2i and widely considered an expert on motivation and incentives. Hebert authors the highly-rated blog Incentive Intelligence. Hebert has been quoted in USA TODAY, has published whitepapers and articles for HRM Magazine, is a contributing author on the Fistful of Talent blog, has been a monthly online columnist for Incentive Magazine and is now a bi-monthly print columnist for them, contributed articles for the print magazine Loyalty 360 and is the Social Media Editor for the Enterprise Engagement Alliance.

Hebert can be reached at paulhebert@i2i-align.com / Twitter: @incentintel / 864-286-6780

We are all seeing the articles and survey data highlighting the rise in employee engagement levels. Some say it's due to employees hunkering down, working hard and making sure they keep their heads below the log so they don't get hit during the next round of layoffs. Some say that the layoffs have eliminated the "dead wood" and that...Full Article »