NC Narayanan

NC. Narayanan, known as ‘NC’, is the Founder & Chairman of SSA Group of companies based in India. It was founded in 1999 and provides business solutions for improving the competitiveness of any enterprise. NC’s vision for SSA was (and is) to create a result-oriented consulting resource at an affordable price, focusing on ROI for its clients. NC is a Gold Medalist in mechanical engineering and has earned his MS (Research) in Finite Element Method (FEM) from IIT, Chennai. In his 30 years of corporate service, NC has held many senior level positions, such as Chief Designer at Lucas-TVS and GM (Tech) in Crompton Greaves Ltd. He founded SSA with a missionary zeal to make “Made in India” synonymous with Quality; and in the last 12 years, he has been the thought leader in many areas of business excellence. He has been playing the role of ‘Business Excellence’ coach to CEOs, and has designed and orchestrated many change management campaigns for corporate and multi-nationals.     

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The effectiveness of leadership is seen by his or her ability to rock the boat, which means that the leader never becomes complacent at any level of achievement or accepts the status quo. In fact, a leader should foresee the trouble the organization will face in the coming years and initiate changes when everything is going well in the eyes of...Full Article »