Jason E.

Jason E. DeGeldere, LBC, ASQ CSSBB

Jason E. DeGeldere is a veteran of the United States Navy. After attending the University of North Dakota for Civil Engineering, DeGeldere started and managed a small residential construction company. In 2003, he was hired as a Manufacturing Engineer for Marvin Windows and Doors where he became proficient in the Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies. DeGeldere currently serves as the Continuous Improvement Manager for Marvin Windows and Doors in Grafton. He is an ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a certified Lean Bronze Practitioner recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, and the Shingo Prize. DeGeldere specializes in Six Sigma and Lean deployment with an emphasis on breaking down cultural barriers.


I can remember the first lesson I ever learned when I started my first job. It came from my father, and his lesson was simple: "Work hard and always look busy." His advice has served me well throughout my 20+ years of work experience. It helped me move through the ranks rapidly in the military and past employment. But Does "Looking Busy"...Full Article »