Helen Tai

Helen Tai founded Enabling Innovation out of a passion for helping people and organizations succeed. During her corporate career, Tai worked as a global internal consultant overseeing the transformation of several organizations and empowering teams to solve complex business problems. Inspired by the positive impact to people and businesses, Tai began consulting in order to broaden her reach.

Tai brings over two decades of rich experience in process improvement, market research and clinical research. She has a wide range of consulting expertise including strategy development and implementation, project leadership, change management and coaching. Additionally, she is a Certified Design for Six Sigma Master Black Belt and holds an Executive Lean Certification. She has trained over 250 individuals across North America, Asia, and Europe in Lean, Design for Six Sigma, Six Sigma, and basic and advanced statistics.

If you would like to learn more about how your organization can improve its decisions, please contact Helen Tai:

phone:  215 262 3371
e-mail:  helen@enabling-innovation.com
website:  www.enabling-innovation.com


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