Donna Powers

Donna Powers is responsible for leading the implementation of Six Sigma principles, practices and techniques to improve operational and clinical performance at North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System. Powers holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing from City University of New York, Hunter College, and a Masters of public administration from Long Island University, CW Post. She received Black Belt Certification through GE and Master Black Belt certification through Air Academy Associates. Powers is currently pursuing a post graduate certificate in Organizational Development through DePaul University.

Powers has expertise in clinical nursing, nursing administration, patient throughput and operations. She has lectured nationally on nursing and operational performance solutions. Her work, “Healthcare Department Reduces Cycle Time and Errors,” was published in ASQ’s Six Sigma Forum magazine in February 2008.


New Master Black Belt leaders will be the designers of healthcare’s future when it comes to performance improvement, safety, quality, financial impact and patient satisfaction metrics. And if they are the cornerstone of a successful Six Sigma deployment program, then we as an industry need to take a hard look at the education and mentoring...Full Article »