Bob Sproull

Bob Sproull is an experienced manufacturing executive with a distinguished track record of achieving improvement goals in manufacturing, quality, product development and engineering. His experience was gained in industries ranging from low-volume custom products (truck bodies) to process industries (tires) to service industries (mail services). Sproull is a nationally known speaker and author on exploiting problem-solving and statistical techniques, especially in the context of implementing an integrated version of Lean, Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints.

Sproull has functioned as a consultant to private equity firms where he performed due diligence assessments and executed manufacturing turn-arounds. He has served as a vice president, quality and engineering, at Morgan Corporation, a $200 million, seven facility manufacturer of truck bodies. Sproull held similar positions and achieved similar results at a number of other companies. While serving as the general manager of American Sunroof, he executed a brilliant facility turnaround that significantly improved bottom line results in a very short time frame. Sproull has held technical positions at Michelin Tire and Xerox Corporation, where he and implemented the company’s first statistical process control program on consumables.

Sproull’s first book, Process Problem Solving: A Guide to Maintenance and Operations Teams, published in April 2001 by Productivity Press Inc., provides manufacturing workers the essential training and skills they need to understand the root causes of manufacturing problems. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Rochester where he dual-majored in math and physics. Sproull is a Six Sigma Black Belt and an expert in Lean and the Theory of Constraints.


I must say that I’ve been very fortunate in my career. Not because I have been successful financially, although I haven’t done badly. I’ve been fortunate because I’ve been able to be a part of so many different process improvement initiatives over the years. I was around during the Deming years and was able to learn and...Full Article »