Pradeep B.

Pradeep B. Deshpande

Pradeep B. Deshpande is Professor Emeritus and a former chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville, a visiting professor of Management at Gatton College of Business & Economics at University of Kentucky and founder, president and CEO of Louisville-based Six Sigma and Advanced Controls, Inc. (SAC).

Deshpande has carried out extensive investigations of the theory of rise and decline of cultures for over four decades. His recent monograph, “A Small Step for Man: Zero to Infinity with Six Sigma” reflects 4,000 years of wisdom and four decades of contemplation. It offers several breakthrough solutions for societies struggling in the midst of contemporary challenges. Readers may also find his blog at www.on-a-quest-for-change.blogspot.com interesting.

Deshpande was among the first to introduce Six Sigma training in corporate India and in engineering and MBA programs in the United States, Greece, Kuwait and India. He teamed with a B-School in India and established Six Sigma Excellence Awards for corporate India, the first of their kind in the world. Recently, he advanced the state of the art of Six Sigma and process control. During his 30 years on the faculty at the University of Louisville, Deshpande published or presented six textbooks, 100 refereed papers, and supervised 20 doctoral and 50 Master’s graduates. He is a fellow of ISA, a recipient of numerous awards for research and teaching, and is listed in the Who’s Who in the World. Readers desirous of learning more about Six Sigma may find some interesting information on the internet at the link www.sixsigmaquality.com/sixsigma_papers.html.


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