Adam Bowden

Adam Bowden, BA, BSc (Hons), President of WizEgy Consulting and Training, isn’t your typical Six Sigma or Lean consultant. He focuses on teaching and coaching people on how to “fish for themselves.” He’s thrown away his cookie cutter and, instead, hears his clients, then provides consulting and custom training to expedite their results. Bowden only works with clients passionate about building in success criteria for Lean, Six Sigma and cultural transformation. Bowden’s 10 plus years of Six Sigma deployment as a Master Black Belt, along with 20 plus years as a Lean Master, has involved a multitude of corporations on several continents. His work has successfully, incrementally and radically transformed processes and culture to provide significant benefits, which is why both clients and colleagues say Bowden creates “a fun, results-driven environment in the workshops” and say he has “highly developed communication skills and cognitive ability for a wide range of processes and business” and “consistently demonstrated leadership skills in every deployment he has been involved with.” He’s a go-getter, trailblazer and self motivated by nature.


As a wise consultant taught me many years ago, "business survival is like breathing …when you ‘breathe in’ it is like getting cash flow in, and when you ‘breathe out’ it is like spending or investing in the cash flow." If you breathe out and don’t breathe in for some time, you die. Managers keep processes the...Full Article »