Christian Loyer

Christian Loyer is currently plant manager for Ecolab. He was previously EMEA LSS Deployment Leader for Ecolab EMEA and prior to that he was Director Business Process at Masterlease, a full leasing provider, which is part of GMAC. Loyer was responsible for the Lean Six Sigma deployment for all 17 Masterlease countries. Previous to this role, he was vice president Six Sigma at Metronet Rail.

Loyer’s background is in industrial engineering, and he has experience with Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizens, 5S, and project management in both transactional services and operational manufacturing environments.

Loyer is a certified Master Black Belt since 2005, and he started his Lean Six Sigma career as a Black Belt in 1998 for Bombardier Aerospace. He completed his Executive MBA at the University of Nottingham.

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