Clyde Parker

As a seasoned manufacturing executive, Clyde H. Parker successfully operates STARsixsigma, a unique organization specializing in Lean Six Sigma implementation for business operations.

Parker is identified as a “Guiding Star” by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and was appointed to their Shingo Award Board of Examiners. He is recognized world-wide for innovative applications of Lean Six Sigma and has been invited many times into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to consult with manufacturing executives. Parker will serve as Chairman for the 2009 Asian Six-Sigma Summit in Singapore.

He holds a BS degree as well as professional certifications as:
• Six Sigma Black Belt
• Certified Lean Manufacturing Specialist
• Professional Safety Engineer
• Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR)

Often featured as a humorous keynote speaker at management conventions, Parker has earned membership in the National Speakers Association and is a long-time consultant to some of world’s major corporations.

Parker is also a proven professional in platform speaking and high-energy training. He is a member of the Motorsports Advisory Panel, as well as the Oil & Gas Advisory Panel for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Widely recognized by senior-level management for innovative business strategy, he is frequently published in professional trade journals. Parker is the author of two books on management effectiveness: Mozart's One-Man-Band and The Paradox of Power.

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